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Overall Fitness and Wellness Program

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Zumba Classes Monday and Wednesday 7:15pm; Tuesday and Thursdays: 7:30pm

Have fun while you get fit

Working out in the gym by yourself can be quite boring, so quite understandably, most people quit working out after a few weeks. At TNT Fitness, you have a wide variety of fitness classes to choose from.


By taking fitness classes, you can have tons of fun while you get your weekly exercise in. Working out will hardly seem like a chore anymore!

Find your comfort zone

The classes at TNT Fitness include cycling, aerobics,  strength training and more. Our wide selection ensures that you can find a type of class you are comfortable with and will stick with.

Try before you buy!

If you're a bit apprehensive about getting into fitness classes, you are welcome to try any of our fitness classes...for FREE! There are also no long-term commitments or sign-up fees, which means you can quit anytime you want.

Finding a fitness class that holds your interest can mean all the difference between staying on the couch and getting active!

Get one-on-one help

All our classes come in both group and individual settings so you can choose what you are most comfortable with. Our individual sessions are a great choice since you get personalized attention.

Find your comfort zone Get one-on-one help

Give us a call today to sign up for a fitness class you are interested in!

Get off the couch - make a change in your life and get moving!

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